When it comes to choosing a flood determination company, you don’t have to settle for the same old, same old. We’re here to guide you to smarter flood determinations without the hassle.

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Make Smarter Lending Decisions
You get so much more than an address and a “yes/no” flood zone rating with us. You receive leading-edge data to make informed flood-risk decisions. And you’ll clearly see how we validated our work, so you feel 100% confident.
Flood Map Overlay
Our pictures include overlays of the FEMA flood maps, so you can see exactly how we arrived at our rating.
Easy to read compliance checklist
We call attention to all potential issues. It’s a graphical way for you to easily confirm the flood certification is accurate.
Expert guidance
Your orders include detailed notes on any issues we find or LOMA options to help you get rid of guesswork.
Flood Risk Services
We take a different approach to flood risk assessment and counsel than other flood determination companies, so you have a better experience. Our services include:
Manual flood
Life of loan
tracking services
Full LOMA preparation +
instant e-LOMAs
Solutions to unique compliance requirements
With Armada Analytics, you will:
  • Make smarter decisions with our innovative property reports
  • Get more reliable assessments with our manual verification process
  • Enjoy prompt, personal service — no complicated phone trees or outsourcing
  • Get changes made on the spot — from address updates, to loan ID changes
  • Avoid unnecessary fees and be as profitable as possible
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Know your data is right
Most companies use address points on a road to determine a property's relationship to a flood zone. This isn't as accurate as hand-mapping individual structures to a flood zone. Our determinations are handcrafted and manually verified. Rest easy knowing we've checked:
The submitted address is returned as submitted
The flood certificate matches your documents
The source of our location data
No "nickel and diming"
If you order Life of Loan tracking, our services are 100% complimentary after the initial determination — no matter how much time has passed. The savings add up quickly!
NO change fees for:
  • Loan ID numbers
  • Borrower names
  • Re-certification for refinancing, etc.
Multi-unit property certifications
We certify (and re-certify) apartment or condo properties for one price. You don’t have to pay for new certifications for each unit.
NO rush fees
Emergencies come up. We get it! There’s no extra fee for one-hour rush projects.

Common questions

Contract exclusivity?

No. Our contracts are simple. You can cancel at any time.

Free trial!

You can try before you buy. Get three free certificates — no contract required.

Quick turnaround.

Place an order before noon, and you’ll get it that day. After 12 pm, it’s the next business morning. We also offer one-hour rush for free.