What is a FEMA Elevation Certificate?

This FEMA document provides your building's exact elevation measurements. The Elevation Certificate must be filled out by a registered engineer/surveyor and is often required for building permits or by a flood insurance agency to properly rate your policy. The measurements on the Elevation Certificate are much more accurate than the elevation information used to create a flood map.
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Do I need an Elevation Certificate?
Yes - FEMA requires an Elevation Certificate for each LOMA application because it provides better elevation data compared to what they have access to. We encourage you to check these sources to determine if you might already have one for your structure.

  • homeowner documents
  • your bank
  • you flood insurance company
  • city/county engineering office
Price + Timeframes
Elevation Certificate can range in $400 - $800 for an engineer/surveyor to complete. Turnaround times can range from next day to 3 weeks, depending on how booked out the firm is.

Obtaining an Elevation Certificate

We contract this service
We have a flat-rate fee of $150 + the cost of the Elevation Certificate to obtain one on your behalf. What this service covers:

  • call local engineers to find you the best rate
  • schedule the service at a time that's convenient for you
  • establish a level of completeness with the engineer
  • ensure final Elevation Certificate is error-free and complete
  • coordinate with engineer to reconcile any errors
You contract this service
The Elevation Certificate is a standard service for an engineering/surveying firm. You can call local firms in your area to obtain estimates. Ensure you are requesting an Elevation Certificate and not an Elevation Survey.

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